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A podcast about TV, Movies, and everything In between! 

Jun 19, 2019

We go acronym crazy this week as TMI take on MIB - do we think its a bunch of BS?  Are Hemsworth and Thompson enough to bring this baby home for us, or will it induce a case of Deja Vu?  Which just happens to be the title of our classic feature this week, a Denzel 2006 time travel head scratcher.  We then ask - what movie should get a theme park ride that doesn't already have one?  So get out your shades and come on - just know that you won't remember a thing in the morning.  #tmipodcast #tmiconfessionals #tmimovies #MIB #meninblack #chrishemsworth #tessathompson #dejavu #pawny #denzelwashington #woodenteeth