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A podcast about TV, Movies, and everything In between! 

May 2, 2018

The TMI team have all ventured to the local mall this past weekend, taken seats in their reserved balcony behind the velvet rope, and witnessed the spectacle that is Marvel Studios Infinity War.  Will they bet Thor’s right eye on it being the best Marvel ever, or will they blow it up worse than Asgard in Ragnarok? As if this is not enough… ‘Lend us your ears’ as we take a look back at the Mel Brooks 1993 yukfest ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’ as our Classic Feature of the week.  Lastly, the Confessional question of the week suggests that what you hear on this show may be 50% BS - ‘What Movie Have You Said That You’ve Seen - But Never Actually Have?’ So as they bro-mance the stones, take the trip with the gang to Infinity...and beyond….. and remember (in my best nasally very famous folk singer voice), ‘Everybody Must Get Stones!’ (seriously I’m done).