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A podcast about TV, Movies, and everything In between! 

Sep 29, 2021

Get ready for howls and growls this week as we tear into two wolfy creature features!  First up is the whodunnit Werewolves Within, and then the insane witches brew that is Brotherhood of the Wolf.  Fall has officially come to TMI!  #werewolveswithin #brotherhoodofthewolf #monicabellucci

Sep 22, 2021

Join us on a road trip down memory lane this week as The Muppet Movie is inducted onto the 5 Bucket List!  Just move right along on the backseat, we need to make room for 250 muppets! #kermit #fozzie #misspiggy #scooter #gonzo #muppetmovie #jimhenson #frankoz #muppetshow

Sep 15, 2021

Who in their right mind would say ‘Candyman’ 5 times in a mirror at this point?  Well, A LOT of people in this new iteration of the classic, thankfully!  We also observe the horror and beauty of Tigers Are Not Afraid – Halloween here we come! #candyman #niadacosta #tigersarenotafraid #issalopez...

Sep 8, 2021

Shang Chi is finally here, and if that wasn’t enough, Christina is back with us as well – and she has brought along John Woo by the way of Hard Boiled!  All this plus kaiju action!?!  Dust off your Eagles LPs for this one…  #shangchi #tenrings #hardboiled #johnwoo #marvel

Sep 1, 2021

Mayhem abounds in this exploitation celebration of Roger Corman!  First up is the high-octane carnage of Death Race 2000, followed by sea creatures who do NOT believe in social distancing, in Humanoids from the Deep.  Bring the big refill bottle of sanitizer for this one!  #rogercorman...