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A podcast about TV, Movies, and everything In between! 

May 26, 2021

The undead armed forces are on the move this week, and we are there on the front lines!  First, Zack Snyder returns with his uncompromised zombie heist flick Army of the Dead, and then we gleefully follow Bruce Campbell into battle for Army of Darkness.  Are all podcasts this obvious in their movie pairings?  Just us...

May 19, 2021

The Robo-pocalypse is at hand this week, as deadly androids fill the sky in silent, judging formation.  What are they bringing?  Fun!!  The Mitchells vs The Machines sees a frenetic family battle an army of smart phone upgrades, and then Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow takes up all our available text space with...

May 12, 2021

Unwanted space visitors are just the worst, aren’t they?  First up, Stowaway is about exactly what you think it is – and then Saturn 3 decapitates and rests your head on any assumptions you might make!  And remember, please call before you just drop in.  #stowaway #saturn3 #annakendrick #farahfawcett

May 5, 2021

The Noise is plaguing us in this episode – not our deepest darkest thoughts revealed, but rather the unending, shrill cackle of one Wilhelmina W. Witchiepoo!  First, we travel to the dangerous New World of Chaos Walking, and then take our magic flute and sail via evil boat to Living Island… to visit Pufnstuf!...